catch these hands

It all goes to the surface

Don't just sit there and make believe

That everything is perfect

Nothing is ever what it seems

How can you make the best of life

When you acted like someone else all along

You will just blame it all on me

Even though you're the one who's always wrong

Fucked up and I can't save you

Strung out because I let you catch these hands

You're falling down again

Fucked up and I won't save you

With every feeling that you hide

We see intentions that reside

It's time to take the blame yourself

For all this pain that you have dealt

If you don't wanna shut your mouth

Then you can get up and walk out

And if you wanna get your feet on the ground

Then you can open up your eyes

And throw away your sense of doubt

I won't be seeing you around

You're acting self destructive

So spend your time doing something productive

Killing all your so called wasted time

I know it makes you feel so proud

We all strive to make a life worth living

We pave our paths so we can follow our dreams

And everybody faces challenges

But I'm becoming what I wanted to be

You're self destructing once again

I never thought I'd live to see

The days your words won't put me to an end

Well I can finally take my chance

As you are under pressure

I hope you start to learn better

That you brought this upon yourself

With all my time spent

I know I'll see this through

I can assure you, I will be happy with myself

I know you're always wrong

Escaping everything that's gone

You're drifting far from memories

You're not the person that you thought