Nothing but a Friday night

Tryna get my head right

Never on the bright side

Til you caught me by the eye

In my head, but you can't tell

Cut my ties for lies I fell

Won't fall for this again

But I feel something else real instead

My mind, your eyes

Won't lose it all again

My past, your clothes

And how to part with them

Say that I'll listen

But this won't be different

Cause I know in my heart, I'm gone again

These things I keep in corners of my mind

I can't sit back and tell you that I'm fine

With the way that you played it, the bullshit

Just save it don't waste my time

Can't cope with your apology

Knew you'd creep around on me

Just another white lie

Til you caught him by the eye

In your head and I can tell

Liquor's up and now you fell

For all of this again

And I feel something else real instead

I'll always have a special place for you

In the whole of my heart

Where you tore it apart

For some ill gotten reason

That's not worth repeating

You're not worth repeating