drop dead over you

She's a 10, dishonest

Maybe everything I need but never modest

Don't blame me, ironic

Told me we were nothing more than just platonic

Make me one of your mistakes

When I've had a few I feel my heart become unglued

So break me, there's nothing I can do

Slave to all your flavors

Wanna taste that bad behavior

Tick tock body rock like clock work

Know it's time, make you mine for the night girl

I'm fuckin haunted by a pretty face

Got a drop dead smile, goddammit if you could see her in lace

A tained angel what a perfect waist

36-25-34, I'd drop dead over you

Strings untied, just for the night

See it falling from your waist like you can't hide it

No other way, could make you stay

You've got nothing that I need but I still want it

Smoke between us is getting thicker

Pull me in, breathe it out and watch it linger

Lip service, I'll drive you crazy

Play my old games you say anything to take me

Out for the night, dim the lights

Got your heartbeat running wild

Blame my shape for starting fires

Low key though you like my style

Lip service, you drive me crazy

Play my old games you'd say anything to make me sta