I don't think that saying goodbye

Could ever be this hard another time

I need to hold you close to my heart

With all this time we spent apart

I'll never settle for another vice

Cause I'd only be tricking my mind

You're the last piece of the puzzle I could find

If distance and separation is what's keeping me from you

I hope you know it's not your fault

I just have to do what I do

It's so hard not knowing the truth

When I hear you come up

It's hard to face the pain of losing you

When we run away from everything

I wouldn't want it any other way

I want to follow all the plans that we have made

Hand in hand I know that we could take whatever lies ahead

I hope you never find a reason to ignore the things I said

When it all comes down to it

We're obligated to throw it down the drain

I know it's never safe to say

I could have changed a single thing

Waiting on my door that night

You begged me not to say goodbye

I'll that it's so fucking hard to finally make up my mind

I know we're falling short again if we gave this another try

It could be better than the last

Or we could hurt more in the end

Hear me out

Your time has come

Give me closure, now