eye for an eye

Won't you bite your tongue

Soon enough, you'll be tasting blood

Just can't get enough, get enough

Til I give you some

When that snap comes to crack

Know you best hold me back

Best watch your back

Heard what I'd do and a fact is a fact

Can't wait for my chance

Left me with no choice when you walked my way

When you cut me off can't stay out my lane

You're the reason I can't seem to clear my mind

Can't bury the hatchet come clean in the ashes

It's all just an eye for an eye

I know why you hate me, you are just what you gave me

I wish that the door wasn't closed to your reasons

That change like the seasons

So much bottled up bitch

I was like a ticking bomb

I don't fight with it no more

I let it out and fix what's wrong

If you fuck with me then let that shit be known before I'm gone

But I ain't no handyman don't hit me up when shit go wrong

Flying with some wings, I'm a king

And I'm sitting on King Kong

Ring around the rosie I spark up and watch these ashes fall

All I smoke is potent don't pass me shit that's not strong as hulk

I've been killing shit and bitch you know I'm proudly taken fault

I can smell a rat from a mile away

And it hasn't left the air since we met that day

I'm one for second chances cause I know I've had mine

But the way you stabbed my back left a scar I can't hide