growing apart

I'm not afraid of not waking up tomorrow

Tell me everything you did last night

Compared to everything I did last night again

I'm feeling fake but I figured it out

Now I'm running in the distance

And I'm coming off the ground

Don't tell me with your eyes

Tell me what's it gonna be

Tell me what you're gonna do

I can't hear you

I'm calling you out

I'm alive but I keep running into things that make me

Contemplate the difference of heavy hands and your persistence

And I try to figure it out with my passion

Try to figure it out with distractions

Try to figure it out with my passion

Can't figure me out

My mind says I'm running around in circles making progress

That's more than I can say about you

Everybody is on your side

You're a fake and fabricate what's in your own mind

And if you can't get rid of your own possessions

You'll never see me running in your direction

Take another look back

Tell me what do you see when your eyes light up at night

Take another look at everyone that you let down

When you bailed out