no regrets

When you finally find what's inside

It's time to get back in line and stop dwelling on wasted time

It's an eye for an eye in this place the we all try to survive

Looking back on things and how they were before

I let you in and gave you everything I thought you deserved

And now it's clear that this is my one shot to make it all worth while

Chapter closed, don’t wanna know if you're thinking of me

I can assure you that you're buried beneath

So take a step and you will finally see

You're exactly where you wanted to be

In this life you must take what you want

No regrets, no mistakes

I'll make sure in this dream I'm alive

Don't let me down again

So get it out of your head that you were all alone

And get it straight that the story has been told

Make the best of the sleepless nights

And remind yourself to let go

Times are changing and it's easier to fall

While everybody around is always moving along

Contemplating makes you regret everything that you missed out on

You've gotta find yourself through all the struggles finding help

So stand up and find your inner strength to move along now

Don't listen to a word they say when they all try to break you down

This is your one shot this is your last chance to make it all work out