one love

Tried your best not to hate me

But you've been acting like it lately

Silence and time make things harder to find

When I'm contemplating my signs

You're trying now but you can't see it

All the underlying bullshit

Pass me a line try to buy on some time

But I'm over wasting my life

And I'm trying everything I had

To fill up this space

Find a new name and place to go

You're all I had

I try to save face

With the things I erased

I let go, I let go

The deceit on your lip

When you read me your script

You know, you let go

You only had one love, one lie

Only had one chance, this time

I know you'll just fuck it up again

Know I wasn't worth it in the end

You chose the low life, this time

You'll never be fine, I'm alright

I know you'll just fuck it up again

Knew it wasn't worth it in the end

In all this time did you hear me?

Is it just when you're near me?

High all the time, trapped in my mind

With these thoughts always play and rewind

Now you ask if I trust you

Let me tell you what I know is true

Don't have a clue how you do all you do

But it's overtaken my mind

I hate to say I told you so

But I'm on the right track

I'll pack up all my life and go

Now I'm never looking back