turning point

If you could have seen this coming

Would you be set running

I'm not the only one who you set up

Because you always needed something

And all along I swear you went behind my back

I was right not even once again will I overreact

This is the turning point we can't go back to the start

I'll never be destroyed, I'm only here to do my part

You can try me, try to win your game

This is inspiring so now we'll go our separate ways

I never thought I'd make it this far

This is what I wanted and

Not too long after the start

You got what you want

Now I'm gone

And you'll keep trying, while I'm lying

To get myself out of this mess

You're full of shit, well I'm trying my best

I won't be thinking back on all the things that couldn't last

This bond we shared was bound to fade away into the past

And I'm not here I kept my soul and left your misery behind

Every broken memory and anything of yours I find