when i'm gone

Heart stopping, nobody's watching

Your chalk lines on the bed

Your dress is paper thin

Misleading comments, explain the context

You're talking nonsense

Just take another sip

These chemical agents are not what they make us

More than I can live with

Inhibitions are lifted

The more that we sink is the more that I think that I know

Who's gonna love you when I'm gone

You're on a fault line

Face half drawn on

She said, It's just a few drinks

Barely can taste it

Don't try to save me

Don't know what you're wasting

When I'm gone, when I'm gone

Who the fuck's gonna love you

We are original ghosts

Felt but never seen

Like fish in a sailboat

We fight for the air through the smoke that we breathe

When sorry isn't good enough

Left you thinking who's the one

I tried to change to make this work

But in the end the table turns