witch hvnt

I know they always keep a tight eye

Watch 'em fall at every fuckin' thing I say

Face of evil saying white lies

You can tell it by the smile that's on my face

See the gallows couldn't break us

The shallows couldn't take our breath away

I know this coven's always got me

Cursed your soul and soon you'll see

Is this the way that you want this?

You let it roll off your sleeve

I speak to no queen for the hell I've achieved

You still burn me

Now I can feel the heat

Watch the flames rush over me

Yeah this is a WITCH HVNT

You just hate what you can't touch

I know that you've been hiding

The same sins you branded on me

Yeah this is a WITCH HVNT

Make damn sure you catch one

Paranoid but stay in my way

Feel the fire when you fall, fail, or sway

Ain't no light that's showing this end

Only black heart socials to enter the season

I'm feeling sick of all this blasé

Cold hearts, black art, a different reason

I know this coven's always got me

Can't say the same is true for you

I'm just so sick of people looking at me sideways

Nowadays everybody's gotta try things

Fuck that

Maybe I should find a book of spells and hit a lit fuse

Burnign on the stake still saying fuck you

Fuck that

Maybe we should take it to their door and cause some riffraff

Black craft, no no they can't have that

Maybe we could torch this whole place now

Leave everything to ashes watch it burn to the ground