If you don't like the way I act then you can get back in line

I don't need your okay for me to see that it's fine

I won't say sorry for the feelings that I have deep inside

I'm gonna say my farewell so I can take back what's mine

You thought that things would be the same

But this wasn't a game for me

Your intentions were such a shame

I can't believe that it got this way

I wanna go where I haven't been

I wanna go til it all falls in

Times that I try and I don't succeed

I'm always making the best of these

Don't try and lead this dream astray

We can't go back to yesterday

Through all the ups and downs I've faced

I know this road is the only way

I was never gonna find a way, I was never gonna find a way

Holding on to everything you said, holding on to what you say

The time it takes to bite your tongue is a lesson never learned by some

I won't break my back for you

When you threw it all away

Now I'm finally taking back what's mine

Can't go back to yesterday

I won't let this go, it's all that I know

It's all that I know

I never thought that you would waste my time

I never thought you'd make me lose my mind

Cause I let you in

It won't happen again