your fault, not mine

You've got a problem

You need some help son

Your mind and heart won't coexist

The shit that I've heard over and over

Echoes back to when I was a kid

You leave me breathless

Every word I've spent

I make no profit feeding you bullshit

Should I say it or should I save it

I'm positive that either way you'd

Reject my common tired accusations

That you were never there for me

When I was struggling to reclaim my time

My time is out

I saw you lie

Don't think it went under the radar

You crossed a line

And now you're breaking down

Consider maybe that

You've got it twisted

I'm not the one who took things too fucking personally

Your fault, not mine don't pin this on me

For once in my life I can look down on you

Embrace the feeling the hate that it brings

I hope that it stings

You won't be coming back

Swallow your pride I know it burns going down

But it compares not to the plague

You've dealt this whole fucking town

I know that the reasoning behind everything you've done

Were your insecurities of yourself

And everyone around you

You have to trust yourself before you trust anyone else

I saw you lie

You crossed the line

I saw you lie

You crossed the motherfucking line